Sharing Health and Wellness


Sharing health and wellness options with friends and family can be so hard at times. I remember the early days of changing my food habits around. I wanted desperately for my dad to make better eating choices, but I knew he wouldn’t make them on his own. I wanted him to want to enjoy eating delicious healthier options, but the more I asked him to do so, the more he would just say, “No!” So I rolled up my sleeves and did what I had to do. Because I was determined to show my dad a better way of eating, but not just him, my entire family, I partnered up with my sister Jessica and started creating home cooked meals. I knew that it would be harder for members of my family to eat out while leaving  perfectly good food behind, so I went to work.

Boy oh boy it wasn’t easy, but we stayed committed and made cooking fun. Being one of the main family cooks was not only a challenge, but an adventure! My dad has a very distinct pallet! His seasonings of preference are salt and pepper.  Yummy additions like garlic are out of the question! And you can kiss your Habanero peppers good-bye! So instead of a mystery basket filled with ingredients to be incorporated with every meal, our “basket” was filled with forbidden items. Instead of being discouraged, Jessica and I pressed on and made several dishes, many from our own ingenuity, that our dad came to enjoy. On some occasions, we would sneak some garlic into the dish. Fortunately for us, dad was too busy enjoying the food to even notice we had slipped it in.

When you fast forward to today, I’m married and out of the house, and my sister is still  at home with mom and dad helping to prepare meals. I’m happy to report that since our little experiment, my dad has drastically reduced the amount of medication he used to take, replacing some with plant based herbal supplements. He enjoys eating more meals at home and has even taken to buying Kombucha… this from a man who used to fill the refrigerator with Diet Cokes and Sunkists.

I can only imagine how things would have turned out if I hadn’t taken action on doing something about my dad’s health. So far, I’ve seen him in the hospital three times too many. Growing up, dad was the strongest person in my family, and he still is in many ways, but not so much in the area of eating healthy. And although he may joke about it a little these days, I know that helping him make better choices has given him hope and most importantly a better quality of life.

To me, the loss of a loved one to disease is not as difficult as knowing that the disease itself could have been prevented. Disease takes its toll when the body is not well balanced and supported. Unfortunately, this is the reality that is plaguing our world right now, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Let’s take action together and start giving our family and friends the gift of life. Here’s some ideas on how we can start.

Birthdays and Holiday Gift Ideas

There are plenty of items and services centered on health and wellness that we can start gifting to each other. The list I’m sharing with you is basically to help you start brainstorming, but remember Google is your friend! There are thousands of healthy gift idea lists available online. My suggestions include unique gifts such as a Raindrop or Vitaflex sessions, a Massage or Spa Day, a Personal Training session at a gym of their choice, Books, DVDs, or CD/Audios about a health topic, Cookbooks or Kitchenware items, a Meal Planning system, Organic Shoes or Clothing, High Quality Accessory Items, High Quality Skin Care Products, the possibilities are endless so you’re bound to find something in your price range!

Eating Out

Eating out with family and friends doesn’t have to come into conflict with healthier options. Many restaurants are meeting the demands of people who have become more aware, so be sure to look over the menu and ask questions! In addition, any of these hot spots are great to treat someone to lunch: The Spiral Diner, Loving Hut, Be Raw, Souper Salad, Snappy Salad, Salata, Panera Bread, or any restaurants like these in your area!

Route DIY

Making your own things and then sharing them with others is sometimes the best thing we can do because it unlocks our creativity and shows others that we truly care! You don’t have to wait around for a special occasion to give these to friends and family because life IS the occasion! DIY a healthy recipe, snack or dessert, DIY natural non-toxic household cleaning products, DIY natural toxic-free remedies like a throat spray, DIY natural non-toxic air fresheners, DIY natural non-toxic bath or skin-care items, or the like!

Y’all, this is my new normal! I don’t just speak LIFE but I give LIFE to friends and family!

I encourage you to start doing the same. Together we can turn someone’s tragedy into a, “and they all lived happily ever after”.

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