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If God wanted to create humans with meager needs, believe me He could have. That idea is not too far-fetched when you consider some of the creatures in His creation, from the tiniest, simplest inconceivable bacteria to the highly intuitive animals found on our planet. And yet, so many of us have been convinced to believe that we can survive off of the least amount of care possible.

On the one hand, it’s possibly not our fault. I was raised in a pretty good school system growing up, but even then, I was not taught accurate nutrition or health and wellness information. I learned things like the food pyramid, which is no longer relevant. Topics like GMO foods were just hitting the main stream, and nobody in my circle of friends was talking about issues surrounding gluten or white refined sugar. Maybe this sounds a little similar to your health background, or maybe you got less health knowledge than I did. All I knew growing up is that we would eat mom’s unmatched home-cooked meals from Sunday through Thursday. Fridays and Saturdays were take-out-food nights. That was the pattern for years. After my dad was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, things changed.

All of a sudden there were foods that couldn’t be eaten or shouldn’t be eaten or preferred to be eaten. Medications were prescribed, and new words entered my vocabulary. Precautions. Monitoring. Warning signs. These changes affected my entire family, not just my dad. Sometimes when a family member deals with life altering changes, others remove themselves from the reality of the situation. They cultivate an attitude of “Well, that’s not my problem! That happened to you. It won’t happen to me,” or they’ll think things like, “You may have to watch what you do, but I don’t have to watch what I do!” As a kid seeing my dad’s life change, I fell into that very trap. I thought that the things he was going through would never happen to me; after all I was young (as if youthfulness is some sort of immunity to disease). How terribly UNWISE I was. But today I understand how I ended up with that faulty thinking. You see, I was enjoying freedom… well, the freedom I perceived at the time anyway. Eating food had no rules as far as I was concerned, and my taste buds governed my food choices. I didn’t know the definition of food, and I didn’t even consider that there were specific things my body needed to even function properly.

I wager that this is the perspective of most people when it comes to considering their own health and wellness because we tend to make choices based on how things taste, not the facts surrounding it. It’s no different when we see babies exploring their world through putting everything in their mouths. The parent has to eventually come alongside and teach them which things are edible.

Many people are still making health choices from their own lack of knowledge because no one has come alongside them to teach them which things are most beneficial to their body.

Eventually it dawned on me that my dad and I are in the same family. Therefore, whatever health issues he had, quite logically, I could potentially have one day too! It was not long after that piece of common sense entered my brain that I realized I was headed down the same path he was already on. I even took a look at my BMI and realized that I was considered overweight for my height. So many things were off-kilter with my body that I felt the need to do something about it before I ended up with more problems. Thank God He created a passion of life-long learning in me! I started reading books and finding websites and watching videos and listening to podcasts. I entered an entire world of health and wellness that I didn’t even knew existed. And every day I made another step toward changing my life! I was determined to see not only my life changed for the better, but also the lives of everyone connected to me.

Now here I am years later happy and healthy and excited to share with others the truths I learned along the way. Why? Because you are worth it, and taking charge of your own health and wellness is worth it. You ever heard the term “high maintenance”? It’s typically reserved for those acquaintances of ours who we consider extreme, or for those who just won’t settle for anything less than the absolute best. Well, I have news for you. YOU are high maintenance. Not because of your personality, but because that’s how your body was created! God created you in His image, and you are totally worth it! You may not feel that way, but that’s the truth! And even if you were to buy cheap food for the rest of your life with the thinking that you could just get by and survive off of that, your body would give you problems and eventually break down. Why? Because you have been fearfully and wonderfully made. Your body, by design, IS high maintenance! It will never function on anything less than what it’s been designed to run on which is God’s absolute best! And once you decide that you want the absolute best for your life, then that’s when God makes a way for you to have it! The world contains too many success stories for us to deny that.

So y’all, this is who I am now! I’ve learned that it’s about choosing the best. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about knowing what your body needs and making the best choice that you can make for a better quality of life because you’re worth it. When you do that, you’ll have a new normal and you will never turn back. And if you need a guide, moral support and a loving community that will come alongside you and love you through all of positive changes you can experience, don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know! I’m here ready to connect with you!

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