Maximizing your Product Choice


Spring is here! And everyone knows what that means… It means that practically everyone we know is in cleaning mode! We’re beginning to exchange our winter wear for bright, bold, beautiful colors. And I don’t know about you, but I look forward to spending less time indoors and more time outdoors (especially since it’s not scorching hot in Texas yet).

Whether I’m cleaning out my body or cleaning out my home, I like to use natural products. And now, there are a lot more to choose from! It’s great to see companies hearing the cries of consumers and beginning to provide better quality household and self-care products because nowadays I’m super selective.

I can remember a time when I cared less about what I put inside my body or on my skin, and look where that got me. I was 30 pounds overweight headed down a road leading to disease. But now, I’m way more cognizant of the ingredients in my food, home, and personal care products, and I think you should be too because you’re worth it. Your family is worth it. We all naturally want what’s best; we were made that way by design! But just because we were made that way by design doesn’t mean we naturally know what’s best and how to obtain it! That’s something caught and taught! So, if you need a guide to lead you through the state of “Overwhelming”, I’m your gal!

Check out this simple tip:

The next time you’re faced with a decision to make on a product potentially worthy of the trust of you and your family, do what I do! Base your decision on the Good, Better, BEST principle!


  • Know your stores! Think to yourself, “What stores can give me access to toxic-free food and products?”
  • Begin to read your labels and stick to buying things that have ingredients you can pronounce!
  • Access the Clean 15 Dirty Dozen list.
  • Frozen veggies are a good way to avoid canned veggies.
  • Make more meals at home!
  • DIY household and personal care cleaning products.


  • Download the Think Dirty app (or one equivalent) and start scanning items in your home. Start permanently replacing the ones with the highest toxicity levels.
  • Buy organic seasonal items whenever possible.
  • Invest in a quality fruit and veggie wash!
  • Stick to buying things that have one ingredient or a few ingredients that you can pronounce
  • Limit your exposure to toxic chemicals by learning about and purchasing toxic-free natural household and personal care cleaning items!
  • Shift your mindset from occasional use of natural alternatives to the adoption of better self-care practices.


  • Have access to sources of toxic-free foods and products (including informative resources).
  • Make it a habit to support, choose to shop, and do business with people and companies of integrity that produce and provide consumers with high quality and toxic-free food and products.
  • Adopt a regular detox regimen.
  • Replenish your body systems with high quality supplements.
  • Share your journey with family and friends.
  • Add more to this starter list as you continue learning!

Y’all, lemme tell ya what I do… I always strive for what’s best! I’m not perfect, but  did you notice?!?!… It’s a WIDE RANGE! There’s so much grace within this range! Before I had this Good, Better, BEST mindset, I felt like I was always stuck… like I had no choices at all, and that I was limited on the things I could do to be healthy on a budget. But that was  just a BIG. Ol’. FAT. UGLY. LIE! There’s not just a few choices. There’s A LOT of choices, and each choice you’ll find economically friendly, simple, and effective for your life! I want EVERYONE to experience the freedom of this present truth! It’s not hard, it’s easy. You just need the right tools to getcha goin! So what are you waiting for? Join me and let’s do this health thing together!!!

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