Living the “Let Go” Kind of Life


“Organic Fruits and Veggies”


“Grass Fed Beef”


“Portion Control”




“Drink More Water”


“Get More Sleep”


Believe it or not, there’s something missing from this list! You see, many of us have been raised to believe that taking care of the peripheral things: choosing what to eat, exercising, and drinking plenty of water, will take care of all possible internal dilemmas over time. But did you know that according to Dr. Caroline Leaf 75 – 98% of mental and physical illness comes from our thought life? What a phenomenal concept! To the degree of how I think is to the degree of how healthy I actually am. This means that if we do not pay attention to our emotional wellness, we could be doing major damage to such a critical part of our well-being.

One of my favorite books (and movies) of all times is the story of Peter Pan! Do you remember the part in the beginning when Wendy and her brothers are trying to travel to Neverland? “Just think happy thoughts and they’ll lift you up into the air,” they were told… Oh yeah, and not to mention that they also needed fairy dust. If only positive thinking were as easy as those instructions.

Here’s the deal, having negative thought patterns is a habit… a bad one. Throughout the course of our day, thoughts enter and exit our minds and we choose which thoughts to dwell on and which ones to let go. When I was younger I entertained a lot of negative thoughts. I love to analyze things which is an amazing quality to have. Unfortunately, I spent a countless amount of time in my mind analyzing my own short comings. Do any of these thoughts resonate with you?

“I’m not pretty enough, I need to lose weight, I’m not good enough, I need to make better grades in school, I don’t have any friends, no one likes me, why do I have acne, I need to exercise more, I wish I had different hair…”

I could go on and on, and sadly my mind did go on and on down this thought path. For me, this path lead me straight to the “Forest of Negativity”. I started slighting myself for not being enough. I started comparing myself to others which in turn attracted even more negativity into my environment. In addition, these thoughts were reinforced with life hurts and disappointment, which generated a vicious cycle of poor emotional wellness in the end.

So what changed? Well, several things changed. For one thing, I got married which helped me have a more consistent positive outlook on my self-worth. And for another thing, my husband and I work closely together in ministry, which helped give me even more of a spiritual grounding than before. But one of the most significant factors that has become a huge turning point in my emotional wellness came through the introduction of aromatherapy and natural healing modalities.

According to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy is, “the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.  It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process.”

When I first began using essential oils, my goal was not to use them for therapy as the stated definition indicates. Rather, I began using them because it just made sense to use them. High quality therapeutic grade pure essential oils can be used to replace daily household items such as toxic cleaning products and repellents. They can be used as immune boosters, dietary aids, perfumes, and for skin care, etc. I started using these plant extracts as a natural way to help decrease the amount of toxins in my life. Little did I know that as my body was encountering these oils, I started gaining better emotional wellness!

Of course, this sparked a huge hunger in me to start researching why I started feeling so good overall. I began to emotionally release things in myself that I had held onto for years out of fear of being hurt. I began to gain a more positive outlook on life and what my future has in store. I started living the “Let Go” kind of life! The incorporation of the oils I was using was positively impacting not only my physical well-being but also my emotional well-being! And the research I found showed several strong correlations between essential oil use and positive changes in emotional wellness.

I believe everyone can gain a myriad of benefits from using essential oils. It may be that one person’s results may not be directly comparable to another’s, but the fact that their use overall can have an astoundingly positive impact on people collectively and individually is simply phenomenal! It may be that some use essential oils and notice that their mood is uplifted. It may be that others use essential oils and realize they feel more content with life. It might be that a few people using essential oils will feel relaxed or energized or may even have a similar story to my own experience. Whatever the case may be, I think that everyone should be willing to give essential oils a chance to change their lives in a positive way.

Y’all, this is what I do now! This is my new normal! I was so skeptical about the oils at first. How can something so seemingly insignificant make such a powerful difference? Well, I’m sure that if you think hard enough, you’d be able to come up with some comparable people, places, and things that have made such a powerful difference throughout history, and essential oils are no different than those instances you’ve named. If there’s one thing I’m sure of, I know now that one drop of oil has the power to change your life.

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