A Key Piece to Making Health and Wellness Work

Vibe Tribe

I could literally spend a countless number of hours in conversation highlighting the latest research and trends when it comes to Food, Diet, Exercise, Toxins, Hydration, Detoxing, etc. But there’s another aspect of health and wellness that’s incredibly significant, maybe even more so than what I’ve listed above. The health community speaks to its power, but I don’t think its magnitude has ever been fully realized. What am I referencing here? Support. I’m talking about Support! Finding your tribe, your niche, your culture, your friends, the like-minded individuals that hold you accountable through life. Support is a huge component of our health and wellness.

Before becoming more vocal about wellness, my main connections were with immediate family, namely my mom and sisters. I didn’t realize how blessed I was to have them with me on my health journey first starting out… which quickly became our health journey. Learning about wellness together brought us even closer, and I am grateful for where we started. Why? Because, there is so much power in obtaining the same goals together! The main reason that my mother and sisters were able to band together and have a wellness journey is because we were rallying around my dad. When my dad became diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, we knew that it was going to take all of us making changes to help him. In the beginning, it was more about him and less about our own health. It wasn’t until I reached college that I realized that his health effected my health because of us being in the same family… which in turn effected everyone’s health in my family. Had we not given any attention to my dad’s health like we did, we never would have been able to find the support we needed in each other to spur us on to making the changes we needed to make to help him.

During my time in college, I also began taking more healthy action steps. I shared what I was learning about health and wellness not only with my mom and sisters but with a few friends as well. It never occurred to me that I was giving my friends the encouragement they needed to make healthier choices in their lives.

Then I met an aroma clinical therapist who introduced me to a local health and wellness group called EnRgize4Life. That’s when my world changed forever. It was easy to become an active participant in the group because by then, health and wellness had become a huge passion of mine. I had become an avid reader and follower of prominent natural health and wellness advocates and professionals, and I came to find it easy to share with other members of the group. By this point, this was the largest group of people I had found outside of my immediate family! Before meeting them, I wasn’t sure if I would find other like-minded people who appreciated health and wellness from my unique perspective, so when I did, it was the absolute best thing that could have ever happened on my wellness journey.

I quickly began making friends within my new found circle, discovering even more things we had in common. I was quickly drawn to attending local wellness events, and I begin to appreciate and enjoy the comradery and affirmation that comes from choosing to walk this path of wellness with others. But little did I know that the local connections were just a tiny drop in a much larger pool! I didn’t fully understand the magnitude of that larger pool until I traveled to Utah last month to attend my first oily convention.

There’s just something magical that happens to you when you know that forty thousand people from around the world united in the same place have something in common with you. It feels like a little piece of heaven. Being able to see the people who can relate to you, that share your passions, understand your dreams and what you hope for, and realize common goals… that’s priceless.

There’s an account in the bible where a prophet of God thought he was the only one, all alone. When he expressed his concern to God, God told him that there were seven thousand others standing with him that he had no idea about. Isn’t it amazing to know that the thoughts and feelings experienced by people of that time can be the very same for us today? To the degree we think we’re the only ones or that our group is small, is the degree we have not seen the bigger picture yet.

I would have never caught a glimpse of the bigger picture had I continued thinking that our family was the only one. We are not alone! There’s a community waiting for us! We can connect with others and build life-long friendships! We can provide support to each other! Through sharing my passion, I found the key to making my wellness work! I found support. It’s nice to vibe with a tribe!

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