Let’s Talk Wellness in 2019!

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Welp folks! We’ve officially reached 2019! I’m so excited to give you a fresh post for the brand new year! I hope you didn’t think I threw in the towel… completely the opposite! My break from blogging happened organically, allowing me to focus on helping more people gain health through natural alternatives! My goal is to help people understand the great dichotomy of health as we know it so that those who want to utilize natural alternatives, have the courage to do so.

In my experience, I’ve learned that most people do not feel confident using natural alternatives. We are mainly taught to be sickness managers instead of wellness walkers, so we’re often times unfamiliar with the people out there who are finding success using more holistic ways to support their bodies. Sometimes the challenge of hearing someone considering natural alternatives can be likened to someone telling you that they have recently decided to live, “off the grid!” For the majority of us who live in the cities and suburbs, it’s not easy to consider someone desiring a lifestyle that we may have a limited working knowledge about. However, I love making connections and showing people the difference between the wellness/sickness management health approaches by sharing aspects of my own story because I think it helps put things in a perspective most people can relate to.

For example, when I was growing up, I never considered what I ate or drank. Nor did I consider my sedentary lifestyle habits. Why? Because no one told me those things actually mattered. So I continued unaware eventually depleting my immune system to the point of sickness. When I got sick, I went to the doctor and took prescribed medicine to make me get well. A fever would break, or the symptoms would cease. Then after all of that, instead of making different lifestyle choices or better lifestyle choices from lessons learned I just pushed forward doomed to repeat the vicious cycle. That’s what it looked like when I was managing my sickness. I would make decisions blindly, pay a doctor to know what was going on with my body, take whichever medicine was prescribed to help, and then continue down the same path over again. It never occurred to me that there was another way to live, walking in wellness. Sure, I had health classes and P.E. (Physical Education) growing up. But until recently, I found that there was more to the wellness puzzle than what I was being offered. The health curriculum I had in school mostly contained a lot of general information… which is a well-meaning start, but in the end, I along with most students chunked those general health facts to good truisms instead of applicable and attainable goals. Later down the road, when I started experiencing weight gain, I, along with most, joined a gym and started working out. It never occurred to me that my problem was in the gut! Although working out is highly emphasized in our culture, physical activity is often times overrated when it comes to achieving certain health goals.

Now I live on the other side of the spectrum! I learned that I, not the doctor, have the highest level of genuine interest in my health and well-being. Once I adopted that attitude, the doctor became a partner in my health journey instead of judge and jury over my health decisions. I started learning self-care and practical things I can do to advocate for my own well-being. I started removing products from my lifestyle that contained harsh chemicals in them, products with known ingredients linked to a plethora of diseases. Continuing with personal care cleaning products containing harsh chemicals ranging anywhere from toilet cleaner to shampoo was taxing my immune system and causing more harm than good. I also started changing the food I ate. Eating cleaner allowed me to lose weight without going to the gym. Detoxing toxins out of my fat cells helped boost my immune system for the better! In addition to eating cleaner and using clean personal care products, I also began addressing my emotional health. I learned that paying attention to my emotional wellness was key to freeing my mind of negative self-talk and letting go of habits that were not serving me well. Addressing emotional wellness is an ongoing process, and it’s empowering to know the tools I can use to successfully support my body and move forward.

Many people feel that they cannot live a life of walking out wellness. The reasons vary, but I the reason I come across them most happens to do with affordability. Unfortunately, we learn from an early age that whenever something is wrong we’re supposed to call the doctor to fix it. Don’t get me wrong, we need doctors! We need trained professionals in the medical arena to be there for us when major things go wrong, like a broken limb or a complex surgical procedure. But the other side of the coin (not always, but sometimes) has to do with individuals making wiser decisions for themselves and their family. It pays to stay informed… literally! When we make better decisions, we can “afford” to not make that doctor visit. When we make better food choices, the money we save in the long run “affords” us the chance to stay out of the hospital, or “affords” us the opportunity to impact the next generation!

So, why did I decide that I could “afford” to make all these changes and walking in wellness? Because I knew that I was going to be spending the money either way! There are 2 sides to the health coin. You’re going to either pay now and walk in wellness or pay later and invest in your sickness management plan. Once I realized that I had a choice, I chose wellness, because I believe I’m worth it! And I believe you’re worth it too! The world needs you to stick around and use your God-given gifts and talents to make a positive impact on your family, your city, everyone around you! There’s only one you, and you matter! If you don’t care for you, then who will? It doesn’t have to be an expensive feat or a frustrating overhaul to re-prioritize the things in life that really matter. You just need support… and if that’s what you’re looking for, look no further! We can walk this journey together! I’m here for you!

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