Revolutionize Your Life in 90 Days


How’s your 2019 going so far? Mine has been going exquisitely well! It amazes me that we’re already in February, knocking on the door of Spring. Will you reach your health goals in time for summer? I realize for most that the race is on! I know it feels amazing when a goal weight has been reached or a diet has been adhered to for a few weeks, but I hope that your goals reach deeper than looking great for a certain season of the year!

The quality of life we live depends on the choices we make all the time. I remember when I made the decision to change my life for good! I started with one challenge to myself, to see how long I could make water my sole beverage of choice. One day turned into one week. One week turned into several weeks. Weeks turned to months, and now it’s been almost 8 years since that challenge, and I’m still drinking water instead of turning to sodas and juices to quench my thirst. The results that I saw in my body from just that one decision made such an impression on me that I decided to keep moving forward! Through the years, I’ve found that choosing to walk in wellness has become easier and easier based on three major things: method, quality, and commitment.


How are you choosing to reach your healthy goals? Are you going at it alone, or with a group? Are you doing the rule of 80/20, or giving 110% all of the time? Are you going to just try out what you’re doing for a few weeks before you decide it’s not serving you well, or are you in it for the long haul? If you haven’t thought about how you’re going to personally address these aspects of reaching your health goals, I advise you to stop for a moment and consider them. In any goal you’ve set for yourself, accountability is key! Otherwise, how are you ever going to have an accurate measure for what you’ve set yourself to do? You’ll find research that supports people having better success when achieving like goals with a group instead of tackling them individually. This doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t achieve success without an accountability group. Be true to yourself and do what works best for you in the end.


What is the quality of food you’re consuming to reach your wellness goals? What is the quality of the air in your home? What is the quality of your relationships? What is the quality of your personal care products? What is the quality of your water? What is the quality of your rest? At this point, you’re probably wondering, “Seriously, Andrea? What does all this have to do with health and wellness?” “Um… Everything!” Take what I said earlier about just drinking water. I released almost 50 pounds of toxins that were stored in my body just because I decided to change the quality of drink I was putting into my body. Yes, quality matters, and it matters everywhere because everything is connected. For example, you don’t want to be eating quality food in your home, and then at the same time using household cleaners that contain harsh chemicals that are damaging your organs… Or would you be ok with breathing the purest air available and at the same time suffer tons of stress from keeping toxic relationships in your life? It just doesn’t balance out. You need good quality in every aspect of your life in order to see good health and wellness manifest for you.


What is your timeline? Does having a timeline even matter? Do you get the same results if you decide to cheat every once in awhile? And how often is every once in awhile anyway? When it comes to commitment, sometimes our feelings and opinions end up defining the effectiveness of what we’re doing. The rules we set for ourselves end up changing from day to day or week by week depending on how we well we feel we can accomplish a certain task. Unfortunately, without a consistent commitment either to ourselves or to certain tasks, can we never truly know if what we’re doing is serving us well? Are we allowing ourselves grace to believe that we are, or are we just deceiving ourselves?

Fortunately for us all, there is an exclusive new program that local health and wellness team EnRgize4Life is implementing that is changing a lot of lives for the good! It’s called 90 Days to Wellness, and the reason I believe that it works so well is because it addresses the areas of method, quality, and commitment! As for the method, anyone who is interested in achieving their health goals can fill out a free online survey. Here, individuals express the health goals their trying to achieve. After the needs assessment survey has been filled out, the recipient receives a summary of suggested practices they can do step by step to help achieve their goals. If there are any products available that can enhance the changes desired, that product or products are listed in the detail of the survey results. The products named within the results factor in to the kind of quality an individual will have with the program so that real success can be practically achieved. Lastly, the program commitment spans over the course of three months! Could you commit to making positive changes towards your health goals if you knew it was only gonna take three months of incorporating better health choices? I know right?!?! The choice is simply a no brainer! In addition to the personal individualized attention the free wellness survey provides, there is also a tribe available to be apart of while on your individual journey. Even though each person’s journey is personal to them, doing the 90 Days to Wellness Program with others serves as ongoing encouragement in a robust community of an educationally rich and diverse group of passionate individuals!

So what do you say? Are you ready to take your health and wellness to the next level? I’m rooting for you! All you need is the right method, the right quality, and the right commitment! EnRgize4Life’s 90 Day system is phenomenal and is sure to change your life for the better! Now that you’re ready to change your life, take the first step! Click on the link to take your free survey today! Tell em Andrea sent ya!

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