My New Normal: Managing Mom Bod

I’m 10 months postpartum and I can’t believe how the time has flown by. It feels like only yesterday that I brought son home from the hospital.

Because of the c-section, I had to give my body more time and grace to heal. But it didn’t take long to realize that my brand-new Mom Bod needed some serious TLC.

Before I got pregnant, I weighed about 135 lbs. On my last weigh in before the delivery, I had gotten up to 161 lbs, but the fibroid weighed over 20 lbs. Which means that despite my fact that I looked like I was carrying quintuplets, my weight was all baby. Elisha was 5 lbs. 2.5 oz at birth, and in doing the math, if I went into the pregnancy with a large fibroid in the first place, I wasn’t even truly 135 lbs. During my first postpartum check-up, I weighed in at only 121.6, protruding belly and all! I was completely shocked that I weighed so little after a gigantic fibroid was removed from me.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my husband kept telling me that I was too skinny and needed to gain weight. I figured if I continued eating healthy, I wouldn’t be able to gain weight quickly enough, and I was determined to get as far away from 121 as possible! So, I did the only thing that I knew would put the weight on the fastest and the easiest. I ate! And mostly junk at that! Pizza and sweets, pizza and sweets, unrestricted and unlimited pizza and sweets! Instead of drinking water exclusively, I re-introduced sugary drinks back into my diet temporarily. Ice teas and lemonades had a place in my refrigerator once again. I wish I could say that I ate the healthier versions of pizza that are now widely available, but no. I didn’t check the labels of anything at all and went to town devouring everything that I could that would get me to a better weight than I currently was.

My success was realized in about 2 months. My weight started to sky-rocket from the 120s to the 130s and then the 140s! I was finally a weight that I recognized once again. It was at this point that I started incorporating healthier foods back into my diet gradually. Then one morning I weighed myself discovered that although I had achieved my weight goals, I was going past 150 which is approaching an obese weight for my BMI. “No worries,” I thought!  I started incorporating a daily walk with Elisha thinking that it was just a few extra pounds and it would go away as easily as I put it on. But after a weigh in a few weeks later, I was in the upper 160s. That’s when I realized I was going about things the wrong way and I needed some serious help.

I knew that I hadn’t gained the weight in the healthiest way possible, but I also figured that I could just stop when I needed to stop and revert back to eating more healthy and my weight wouldn’t be an issue any more and my active lifestyle would take care of the rest of the weight gain, but that’s not how things were turning out at all.

So, once again, I found myself having to start at the beginning. I acknowledged that things had gotten out of hand, and I needed to do something about it. I did the only thing I knew how to do well. I started researching. Only this time, I didn’t really know what I was looking for, and I wanted my time searching for it to count for something because being at home with a baby all day was not gifting me very much time at all! I knew I needed to exercise, but which exercises would work best for me now that I’ve had a child? What would safest for my body? And as far as food goes… apparently, a nursing mom’s body processes food on a whole different level… what should I even be eating?

I was not very happy with the way my search was going. Not because I wasn’t finding answers, but because I was finding answers and they were scattered all over the place! An exercise here for mommy tummy, a great recipe there for quick weight loss. What I was learning through my research process was that I wanted a complete package. Not bits and pieces of things that worked. I wanted a holistic approach to exercise, eating, and weight loss just for me. I wanted someone to tell me exactly what I needed to do and why I needed to do it… and I didn’t want to do a weight loss program for the sole purpose of reaching my weight goals, but I wanted something that would stay with me for as long as I needed it to. I wanted a program that was flexible because I had gained another new normal: Mom Life!

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m super amazing at what I do. Researching is my life and I love finding things. But sometimes in life, the things that you’re looking for just fall in your lap! And that’s how I found Metabolic Renewal. I remember in my mind I had completely given up my search and was about to look up a random exercise video to try on Youtube. Before I could even watch the exercise regimen, there was a commercial. Ugh! I would have skipped it, but one word kept me locked in and listening, and that word was the very thing that I had been dealing with from the very beginning of my journey… hormones!

I never once connected the role of my hormones to exercise. You can imagine what happened over the next few hours. I listened as Dr. Jade Teta explained how he created a weight management program centered around women’s hormones. To me, this was the answer. I knew I had a problem with balancing my hormones way before my son was born and before my giant fibroid was removed. I didn’t want to continue down that same road by not exercising or eating in a way that was best for me! I shared what Dr. Teta was saying with my husband, discovered my hormone type, and started a new journey with Metabolic Renewal.

This is the part where you’re probably wondering how much I’ve lost, right? I’ll save that exciting news as an update for another post. Instead, let me tell you what I’ve gained.

  • I’ve gained more insight into how my hormones work.
  • I’ve gained an appreciation of my body and how all women have been uniquely fashioned.
  • I’ve gained the big picture view… no more information scattered about anymore, I’ve got an awesome fitness resource library at my fingertips now.
  • I’ve gained better health overall, and I am making better dietary decisions without strict rules and limitations.
  • I’ve gained muscle in my arms, which is a good thing.
  • I’ve gained way more knowledge for sure!!!
  • I’ve gained better tone.
  • I’ve gained more confidence in my body and feel great!
  • And most of all, I’ve gained a community of others who are accomplishing their fitness goals like me.

I love being in a place of understanding where things in my life seem to synergistically come together. I love experiencing better health naturally, better fitness levels, and beautiful body transformation.

So this is it… again! My new, new normal. I guess you could say that in life we experience many new normals. It’s what we make of them that’s the most important thing. We can either get stuck, or we can keep moving forward. I love finding ways to move forward whenever another new normal arises, and I love how my new normal keeps bringing the absolute best out of me every single day!

If you’re looking for a holistic approach to working out, I highly recommend Metabolic Renewal tailored for women as well as the entire Metabolic Living system designed for all. These Metabolic programs highly reflect and emphasize Dr. Jade Teta’s specialization of natural health, fitness, and body transformation. I have thoroughly enjoyed having access to the Metabolic Mastery Club resources which contain monthly meal plans, monthly workout calendars linked to exercise videos, leading health expert interview podcasts, and health videos on various hot health topics! There is also a great online community available with nutritionists and metabolic coaches to answer questions and give phenomenal support.

Affiliate links alert! But I bet you knew that already! Thanks for your support. 💖