Get Fitter Faster with Better Water Intake

We’re at the brink of the year 2021, and when it comes to your wellness, water intake is key! But for most of us it can be a struggle to stay hydrated throughout the day because we forget to drink it regularly throughout the day, or we just end up guzzling it down in one massive session, or it seems like it’s too much water to consume in the first place, or we don’t wanna spend all day in the bathroom so we just opt out all together. 

The struggle is real, but the truth is, staying hydrated is a major component of not only staying healthy, but achieving any of your fitness goals! Benefits of sufficient water intake include proper temperature regulation, properly lubricated joints for physical activity, and the riding of wastes through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements. So, in other words, if weight management is on the radar of your fitness goals, exercise and diet won’t cut it alone. You need to make sure your water intake is on point! And in addition to getting enough water, here are some other factors to consider so that your water intake is highly effective.

Get it Filtered

“If you don’t filter your water, then your body becomes the filter.”


When we bought our home, I was adamant on obtaining a water filter for the whole house. I totally nerded out when we got our water tested because it was a free service and we learned so much about what was coming through our tap water. Our test results revealed high levels of chlorine and fluoride simply because of our location. Apparently, the closer you are to your city water tower, the more concentrated the chemicals in your tap water will be. We live across the street from our water tower, so our tap water contains a higher chemical load because we’re closer to the source. So, in our case, a household filter was a life saving investment!

But really, the truth is that any investment in pure drinking water is a good investment and should be the priority of every individual on the planet because we need water to survive. Remember, if you don’t filter your water, your own body becomes the filter. And if you want your body to make things like fat burning and building muscle a priority for your fitness, then it’s imperative to do everything you can to help lighten the toxic load that your body deals with on a daily basis. Grant it, you’ll never get rid of every harsh chemical, but with the good, better, best principal, you will see huge gains in your fitness because your body can utilize more of its energy helping your metabolism, a total win for your wellness!

Add in Essentials

Filtering your water is a two-sided coin. Focusing on getting out the toxins is only half the battle. The next step is making sure all the healthy stuff that needs to be in your water is there. Trace minerals and electrolytes should be added to filtered water for maximum health benefits! There are literally tons of great options out there when choosing minerals or electrolytes, and many of them can be found at your local health food store, but if you’re looking for suggestions, here are my personal favorites right now:

  • Vitality Drops! I absolutely love using these because they have naturally occurring electrolytes, perfect for jazzing up my water whenever things get kinda boring. 
  • Or if I’m looking for a refreshing boost post workout, I’m a huge fan of a supplemental blend called Aminowise! I add a scoop of this in my water post workout, and I’m totally refreshed, plus the vitamins and minerals of this supplement are a specific blend designed for muscle support!
  • Another energy blend that I’ve come to enjoy recently is called Turbo Force! Although this one does contain caffeine, I love that I can add it to my 32 ounce bottle of water and not lose it’s effect or the taste!

So the next time you feel like getting your daily water intake is a total drag, just know that you’ve got tons of healthy options for staying committed to a daily water regimen and replenishing your body!

Get a Reminder

When it comes to your water intake, the goal should be to drink half of your body weight in ounces, but I struggled with that concept so much in the beginning. Mostly because I just couldn’t find a system that worked for me for drinking what seemed like so much water. In an attempt to find a solution, I downloaded a water app with a water alarm. At first I really loved how the app recorded my intake and alerted me to when my next drink would be, but it wasn’t long before I was tired of navigating through the app ads to access all my water intake records. So, I got rid of the app but not the concept. I just used my own alarm app to input all my water alarms!

Here’s what works for me: starting at 8 a.m. I drink around 10 ounce of water every hour. When I measured it out, I found that one ounce of water feels like drinking one gulp which is why the title of my alarm reads, “Get 10 Gulps!” If for some reason I miss an hour, I make sure to double my ounce intake for the next alarm. I never triple my water intake because I feel like that’s just way too much water for me in one sitting. I give myself a break at lunch time and by 8 p.m, I’ve completed my water intake for the day! This is a great way to get your hydration rolling if you feel like eight to twelve glasses of water today seems like an impossible task.

Take a Break

If you ever feel the need to have a break from drinking water, there are some super healthy alternatives available including, tea, kombucha, or other healthy alternatives guaranteed to boost your immune system and keep you at peak athletic performance! 

Whatever your fitness goals are for 2021, make sure to make your water intake a priority so that you can achieve all your wellness goals faster! 

Wanna get fit with other like minded individuals? Rise up to the challenge, and let’s do it together!

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3 thoughts on “Get Fitter Faster with Better Water Intake

  1. Marcella Wagner says:

    I learned something new, that the closer you are to the city water tower, the more concentrated the chemicals in your tap water will be.


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