Howdy folks! It’s Ms.Oily.Andrea here, sending you greetings from deep in the heart of Texas with my husband Benson. Welcome to my blog, which actually began as a small series of Facebook Live posts. I recently decided to expand that emerging video series into a website format because I believe God has called me to share the things I’ve learned from my own health journey with more people. So here I am! Ready to connect with you and come along side you on your own health journey!

Here’s Me in a Nutshell

  1. I like trying new foods!
  2. I love Turner Classic Movies!
  3. Reading is my recreation!
  4. I don’t like to eat corn, but I love a nice bowl of grits!
  5. I can play Chess, but don’t get how to play Checkers (except for Chinese Checkers, I get that)…

Ben in a Nutshell

  1. He has a cool accent!
  2. He’s excellent at sports!
  3. He’s an avid reader of the dictionary!?!?! (like seriously, who does that?)
  4. He loves foods that do not require cooking to eat them… like fruit, nuts, chips, etc.!
  5. He seems to always have a knack for being at the right place at the right time…

The Story Beyond the Nutshell

Do me a favor and scroll back up to the top of the page. Check out the picture of me and my hubby again. It’s one of our engagement photos taken over two and a half years ago. At first sight, it looks like a picture perfect representation of good health, right?! Well, the truth is at the time that picture was taken I was deficient in several aspects of my health. Because my digestion was off, I wasn’t absorbing the nutrients from my food like I should have been. A year before that picture was taken, I had adopted a year-long detox regimen. It was the year I removed all meat from my diet and had more vegan eating habits.

Weight-wise, I looked amazing! I had initially gone from a size 16/14 to a size 4 in a little over a year’s time!

When we went for our wellness check before the wedding day, I just knew the doctor was going to give me a great report, and I was so proud (especially since I knew my hubby was living on junk food at the time, and I was constantly preaching to him about adopting better health habits)! I still remember the look on my face when the bombshell hit. The doctor remarked, “Well, you eat better than him, but he’s healthier than you.” Whaaat!?!?! How can that be? My pride was instantly shot! And furthermore, it was at that same doctor’s appointment that I was suspected to have a large fibroid, which was later confirmed through an ultrasound.

Yep, when that picture was taken, I thought I had arrived at perfect health because I had reached my goal weight, my marker of success! Little did I know that a few weeks after that picture would be taken, I would be starting a completely new chapter of my health and wellness journey.

Our two week honeymoon in San Antonio not only marked the beginning of a beautiful marriage, but the end of my year-long detox. I began eating meat again, and we enjoyed eating out at almost every Tex-Mex restaurant on the River Walk… ah, it was bliss! However, I noticed immediate weight gain on the trip along with some other issues. I got so concerned because I had gained about 5 pounds on our trip and then about 20 pounds overall after being back from San Antonio that I had to do something. I reached out to a nutritional therapist.

All I wanted to do was lose the weight I had gained and naturally detox the fibroid out of my body as fast as possible! Little did I know what that was going to actually entail.

I spent the next year working on digestion with my nutritional therapist, and I learned that digestion is a major key of staying above the wellness line. For the first time in my journey my body was getting some support that it desperately needed! My digestion was finally up to par, but I still wasn’t satisfied with my weight. If I could just get back to the size I was and have digestive support, life would be grand! My therapist and I started analyzing, looking at all of the numbers, all of the scan input, everything that could point to a solution. It happened quite by accident really, but the day of my appointment, I asked if she could recommend some specific foods for this new KETO diet I had heard so much about. I had already started playing around with some KETO recipes, but I wanted to make sure I was doing what was right for me. I was so excited about KETO! I just knew this would be my perfect diet! My nutritional therapist remarked, “Normally I suggest the ketogenic diet to most of my clients because it’s a great way to eat, but for you… You being on KETO would not be the best for your body. You’re body is experiencing so much stress right now, you actually need to eat less meat and more veggies so your body can get out of sympathetic mode (fight or flight) and enter parasympathetic mode (rest and digest).”

Apparently, through work and my so called normal life, I had become so emotionally detached from stress that I didn’t know I was stressed.

The NES scan was simply amazing. Though skeptical at first, it was like my body was cleared of blockages and was given permission to relax, truly relax! I didn’t even realize I was holding stress in certain areas of my body in the first place!?!? I was so relaxed in my body that it was difficult for me to even drive home from my appointment. I didn’t know that my body could feel that way. I didn’t know what stress-free felt like. I started taking Infoceutical supplements to maintain the experience. The Infoceuticals were providing my body the targeted encoded information I needed via organic colloidal minerals to help regain balance and support!

Now that I had my own reference of what stress in my body felt like, I was emotionally getting reconnected!

A few days after my visit with the nutritional therapist, my mother and I walked into a health food store to find some teething powder for my friend’s daughter, I met an aromatherapist, and left the store a new member of the health and wellness group she was apart of called EnRgize4Life. I knew absolutely zilch about aromatherapy and didn’t care because I was already committed to seeing my nutritional therapist. All I wanted was to experience my newly purchased oil kit to diffuse oils, and put one more mental check mark on my list of striving to live a toxic-free life.

And then one day the magic happened, and I knew I had found something worth sharing with the whole world.

I had completely run out of my Infoceutical support, and I figured I would be able to hold it together till it was time to order some more. But I had experienced a stressful day at work and then came home and made a major decision which brought on additional stress. I felt physically drained. What could I use in the meantime to relax? With nothing to lose, I found a sample pack of an oil blend that came in my newly arrived kit and applied it to the back on my neck. I breathed in deeply as the clean, refreshing scent filled the air around me. Instantly my spirit was uplifted!

The deep relaxation I had felt from my NES scan had been, to my complete surprise, recreated with my experience of using an essential oil blend.

I couldn’t believe it! I was so filled with joy and awe from my experience that I began delving deeper into the subject of system support through the use of natural plant based substances. Instead of placing my next Infoceutical order, I purchased essential oils and supplements containing essential oils. I started connecting with people in my health and wellness group to learn more about the benefits of essential oils and how to incorporate  them throughout my daily life. I started exclusively using essential oils and supplements containing essential oils to support my body; and as a result, I feel excellent! I have more energy, I feel more calm, and the weight that I so desperately wanted to loose in the beginning has been coming off… even with me still eating meat!

My journey is far from over, and it hasn’t been perfect, but it’s worth sharing because now I have a new normal way of doing things. Through knowledge, experience, and time, my new normal has given me hope, passion, and a drive to see other people’s lives changed.

Wellness is not one sided! There are many pieces to this puzzle from detoxing the body, to adopting a toxic-free lifestyle, to drinking enough water, to supporting your body with plant based supplements… it’s all connected! I believe it’s time we started approaching the health and wellness of our bodies holistically, and I can show you how.

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