Pinterest and Freelance and Gabbing Oh My!

Within the past month I have spent my days writing, pinning, and gabbing. And you would think that none of these things have something in common. However, it is the culmination of time spent on Pinterest and Gab that actually paved the way to me exploring the field of freelance writing. So how did this all unfold? 

Well, a few years ago I heard about a platform that was up and coming called Gab. I didn’t know much about the nature of the platform, but because I wanted to expand my network, I thought that maybe my presence there could be just what I needed to enlarge my friendship circles. I decided to  begin a group on the platform that would allow business owners an opportunity to promote themselves by championing their products and services. The group went live on the last day of June. I remember being the sole member of the group wondering if anything would ever become of it. At that time, just the idea of reaching 5,000 members seemed so far fetched.” For the first week of July membership in the business group remained stagnant. On top of that I was the only person engaging in the group, and boy did that feel awkward. But I kept on moving forward despite how everything appeared. And then one day I made a post that happened to go viral on the platform. Wow, that had never happened to me on other social networks I had joined. I welcomed the viral wave! Before long, that post started attracting followers to my group. Several viral posts later, new members started pouring in, from nothing, to a trickle, to a steady flow. I was amazed that the group I started began seeing membership in the hundreds. 

It wasn’t long before membership started approaching 600, and it was around this time that my writing style in posts became noticeable by Tom Schwing at Hire Text. He encouraged me to apply to be on his writing team. I was a little nervous to apply because I know that I am a good writer, but I didn’t know if my writing skills would be good enough to stand alone as a  freelance writer. I chose to put all hesitations aside, I filled out the application, and waited to hear back from Tom the expert. Imagine my surprise when my sample writing piece received a standing ovation, and by late August I was officially welcomed to the team as an associate writer. I have never thought of myself as a freelance writer before, and it wasn’t before long after I had been welcomed to Hire Text that I was questioning myself. 

“Andrea what in the world have you gotten yourself into this time?!?!” 

There were so many questions that rolled through my brain in that moment, questions that even today I do not have answers for. However, I know that as I keep moving forward the path that I’m destined to take will reveal itself to me. 

Simultaneously, as I said yes to professional writing, another opportunity presented itself to me in the form of rediscovering Pinterest. In July I began researching the platform to see how I could make more of an impact reaching out to more of my desired audience. I had never been much of a pinner. When the Pinterest craze hit years ago I simply didn’t understand it. I had no intentions of building boards, pinning content, or following my friends on yet another social network. But now things are different. With millions of Americans still being impacted significantly by current events, suddenly the monthly views on my Pinterest business account started jumping to the thousands from literally zero. This prompted me to delve deeper down the rabbit hole to see if I could learn more about Pinterest and its user base.

Meanwhile back on Gab, I had been giving websites of notable businesses from Gab honorable mentions as pins on my Pinterest page in support. When I revealed to the Hire Text team my interest in Pinterest from a marketing perspective, Tom gladly welcomed a written article explaining why Pinterest Marketing in 2020 for small business owners should be a serious consideration, thus making it the first official article I’ve produced on my freelance journey as a professional writer.

Here’s my take away from this summer! Sometimes in life opportunities cross our path that we didn’t expect. It goes without saying that we are constantly picturing our life a certain way. And then we get upset when the opportunities we see don’t seem to align exactly with how we pictured things ought to be. But in the midst of everything that I’m experiencing right now, I’m learning that as I accept new challenges, help others, and say, “yes” to more things in my life, the more the picture that I’ve envisioned for myself ends up becoming my reality. Everything seems to work together to culminate into a single purpose. And everything that looks like it has nothing to do with what I’m supposed to be doing is actually where I find myself on the right track. I believe that there are no coincidences in life. And there are certainly no excuses. As long as I have the ability to help others achieve greatness, then I will  continue saying yes to the opportunity to be apart of those moments because now I realize that everything is working together towards unfolding my purpose… and I’m okay with that.