A Health and Wellness Story you can Relate to

My Story (1)

What does it mean to truly be healthy? How do you get healthier? How do you support the health you already have? The answers you’ll hear to these questions are as numerous as the people upon the face of this earth. Why? Because we’re all different. We’ve all been told different things, and we all have different experiences. I believe we are different.

The odds of your very existence, the chances of you even having been born are 1 in 400 trillion… or more.

The uniqueness you possess includes your personality, your quirks, your hair, your skin, etc. But the way you got here… your ticket into planet earth was by way of a human suit. Yes, we are extremely unique, but we also have a myriad of similarities because of the way our bodies were designed. Red blood flows through our veins, our hearts are in the same spot (nobody’s heart is located in their foot or split between their biceps), our brains sit on top of our heads and not in our throats; our physiology is very much relatable to each other.

When we think of what it means to truly be healthy, I believe we’ve got to keep both truths in mind. Your body needs very specific things because you come from a very uniquely sophisticated gene pool. Your body also needs general things because our physiology is very much relatable. That is why the information I’ve gained from my own experiences, though very unique to me, is able to help others; it speaks to our physiology, to our humanness.

Every day we make either a conscious effort or an unconscious effort towards what we think it means to be healthy. We either add more health to our lives or take health away. You may have been told at some point in your life that being healthy is expensive, and that it costs too much! That is true. Being healthy is costly. But you know something else?

Being unhealthy is also costly. So ultimately the equation balances out; not prioritizing your health ends up being just as much of an impact as prioritizing it. The more accurate health information you have empowers you to make better choices towards being healthier.

My health journey, though not perfect, is really very simple. I challenged myself to take a step toward being healthier, which lead to experiencing positive results, so I expanded my knowledge and gave my body more of the support that it needed, which then caused me to take more steps toward health… rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat! Y’all this is what I do now. This is my new normal! I believe anyone can do what I did and change their life. I can show you how!

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