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I had no idea what stress had done to my body…

You know how it is when you read a certain statistic, but don’t apply it to yourself? That’s what I would do when I read the statistics of African American women having fibroid tumors at a higher rate than other women. I figured, that statistic applied to other women out there in the world, not me. Me? I was just fine.

When I got pregnant with my son, I never envisioned myself experiencing a high risk pregnancy, but I spent from August to December on bed rest and maternity leave. Why? Because I just didn’t have the knowledge. Four years before I got pregnant, I actually began learning about stress and how deeply it can impact a woman’s body. I just knew I wasn’t stressed. I couldn’t be. I had my dream job, I was driven, and life was good! But the large fibroid I was carrying around that I had absolutely no clue about didn’t just show up one day out of thin air.

Once the size of the fibroid was confirmed, I started changing everything! I learned about stress and how it can contribute to fibroid growth, so I began incorporating everything I could to get rid of stress and relax. This is why I switched to using natural products. It didn’t take long before I started experiencing the difference after I made the switch. My body felt less taxed and using products free of synthetic fragrances and other toxins helped me experience a calmness I didn’t realize I needed. Unfortunately for me by the time I got pregnant, the fibroid I was carrying was beyond natural intervention.

It’s estimated that over 26 million women like me have been plagued with uterine fibroids. And among the contributing factors of these tumors are stress and imbalanced hormones.

I consider myself fortunate that I was able to deliver my son and the fibroid that was stealing the life out of me. And now I know that no woman has to go through what I went through as long as they have two things, knowledge and choices! I want all of us who are dealing with uterine fibroid tumors or hormone overload to experience relief because there are solutions. Do me a favor and check out my product line. It’s contains over 700 natural products for every aspect of your life. Using clean, quality, natural products truly makes a difference, and it’s the key to fixing everything that’s negatively impacting your stress and hormones. You don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. Take back your life today the natural way.

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