Loving Skin Naturally


Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? As an isolated fact, that may come across as insignificant. However, what your skin comes in contact with every day greatly impacts the rate at which you

A) Detox your body


B) Support your immune system

Health and wellness is a lifestyle change, and it encompasses absolutely everything. Why? Because the body is made up of several interconnected systems. Each system functions both dependently and independently of each other. So, your skin is connected to your brain, your stomach, your eyes, you heart, your lungs, your foot… everything. When you apply something topically onto your skin, it absorbs into your body and has the ability to affect your brain, your stomach, your eyes, your heart, your lungs, your foot… everything. Why? Because our bodies process every single thing we come in contact with be it material like lotion or immaterial like mental stress. That’s how we’ve been designed.

So the question becomes, can what you put on your skin affect things like weight management, brain cognition, hormone balance, or emotional stability, etc.?


Before I started my health and wellness journey, I didn’t have a conscience awareness of what I was putting on my skin. I used toothpaste, dental floss, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, hand sanitizer, makeup, and perfume that was given to me by my parents, who at the time didn’t have accurate health information. But where did they get the knowledge of the products that they gave me? From their parents? Well, more likely than not they got their knowledge from advertisements across the media portraying products more modern, more convenient, and more scientifically advanced than what their parents and grandparents used to use… after all this is the 21st century, the age of knowledge and power, right?

And it’s there that the vicious cycle can continue because no one in my family took serious enough time to learn and consider reading the labels on the back of the product which describes how the ingredients were synthesized into that tube or bottle. We live in a consumer-central society where going to the store and purchasing products have become the norm from the way things once were. This was the way things were for me. When I got old enough to make more of my own product decisions, I would head down to the store and purchase items without stopping once to examine the label. But now I do things differently.

I learned about natural skin care alongside natural hair care. It started with the simple act of using coconut oil to help moisturize my hair. Internet articles about coconut revealed that it could also be applied to the skin as a lotion. Wow! A natural product with multiple uses? I was sold! I started using coconut oil as a part of my hair care and skin care regimen. The decision to use coconut oil as my moisturizer of choice lead me to start replacing all of the other products I had accumulated over time that had long lists of ingredients hard to pronounce. The more I researched, the more I found better quality products from many reputable sources with more natural ingredients available; I was bound and determined to end the vicious cycle of product unawareness in my family.

I had arrived at a good place in my product knowledge. Learning to read labels empowered me to make better choices, but making the best choice came later. It’s one thing to buy products that do not contain substances potentially harmful to the body, that’s good. But after going to a Girl’s Spa Day one Saturday morning, I discovered the need to support my skin with the good, not just avoid the bad!

I remember looking into the mirror after our spa session was over. The use of the high quality, toxic-free facial care line completely revolutionized my face. My skin not only felt amazing afterward, but I could see that my oily completion had been transformed into balanced, well-moisturized skin that was radiantly glowing! I immediately realized the difference.

The products I was using, although toxic-free, were not simultaneously supplying ingredients my body could use to support healthy looking skin like this! The choice was simple. Not only do I now use a high quality, toxic-free facial line that naturally supports my skin, but I also now use toothpaste, dental floss, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, hand purifier, and makeup with ingredients designed to keep my body well balance and supported.

Y’all, this is what I do! This is my new normal. But it’s not just my new normal, this is a lifestyle change that is taking the world by storm! I’d hate for you to miss out. That’s why I’m sharing it with you.

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