“Confessions of a Former… Well, Semi-former Sideline Spectator”

​It’s amazing the kinds of tools we need every day to make our lives easier. Before I was a mom, I could count on one hand how many gadgets we had in our home. They were just two gimicky. “We don’t need a banana slicer or an egg peeler or a garlic press or a potato brush!” I remember thinking to myself whenever I would come across an hour long infomercial raving about the latest best thing.

But now that I’m spending my days chasing Elisha, I have changed my perspective dramatically! Nowadays, I’m thinking, “What would the world be like without time saving gadgets?!?!” In fact, my favorite search on Pinterest is Life Hacks!

The other day, for example, I was looking for a calendar online. It’s one of my favorite planning tools and I just wanted the kind of calendar I could print out for my desk. Among all the calendars and templates available online, I just couldn’t find what I was looking for in the time span I had to search, which was about 30 minutes. It wasn’t that there were no calendars available to download, the problem was that there were tons! Tons of calendars with different templates and cute patters and everything! Listen, I’ve come to the point in my life where I tend to be looking for very specific things. In this case, what I wanted was a calendar I could type on. Something that showed all the days of the month on one page, and had plenty of space for me to take notes. Something that would give me the option to print out or save so that I can update it whenever I need to.  That’s what I was looking for and that’s what I couldn’t find in 30 minutes. So then the thought occurred to me, “why not make what you’re looking for yourself?”

Seems like a pretty puny question, but when you stop and think about it for two seconds, the implications are huge! Now, I could use my writing skills to straight up lie here. That would be so easy for me since I’m a good writer, but the truth is, it’s easier for me to complain and be a Sideline Spectator than it is for me to be directly involved with the thing that would make my life easier! If you’re anything like me, not only can you relate, but you do the exact same thing. Am I right? We’re the kind of people who see all the angles, who constantly see opportunities or flaws as life happens in front of us. It makes us good at things like critiquing movies and editing manuscripts, and even being able to identify a single ingredient in a dish that incorporates a plethora of flavors. To those who just don’t get that ability as a gift, it will look like we’re just being nit picky. Like we’re just complaining about the pea under a thousand mattresses. And I’ll admit, sometimes it is a teensy bit nit picky. But I believe I speak for all the Sideliner Spectators of the world when I say it only means that we really, truly care, and we mean well by what we say.

That’s why I claim to now be semi reformed in this area. I still sideline spectate, but now things are different. Now, I realize that I don’t have to see someone else make a solution that I’d like to see, if I have the opportunity and the know-how, I can do it myself. And if I’ve already created solutions to something I saw was a problem, I can share those with others who may be looking for the exact same thing!

I don’t know why it took so long for me to see the light, but I have. I’m taking that spectator voice of mine and transforming it into being a part of creating solutions and sharing them! In the past, it never occurred to me to actually come up with something on my own that I could offer to others to help out with the exact same problem I was having. After all, let’s face it, designing something that you’ll use is easy, but offering it to others may end up being the biggest flop ever! So here’s me raising my glass on attempting to make the biggest flops ever!

I hope that’s the place you come to as well: taking risks and doing things while you’re scared out of your mind wondering if what you have will ever be helpful to others. Let me encourage you with what I’ve been telling myself these days, “The world needs your kind of different,” so, do it different. Do it scared, and offer it anyway.

And now that I’ve essentially preached to my own choir, I’d like to officially share something that I think will help you like it’s helped me and my family! As you already know, I’m on this Mom Bod journey, and I’ve come across some amazing recipes that have helped me see significant body transformation. The problem is that when I post pictures of newly found meals we’ve been making at home, people ask me for the recipe and it ends up taking days for me to send it out because all the links are scattered everywhere. I love sharing helpful recipes, but it was just taking too long of a process for me, so I decided to organize everything in one online spot so that I can just send one link to everyone who’s interested. You know, as I’m writing this in the back of my head I’m sarcastically thinking, “having a webpage filled with recipes is not anything new!” And it’s not, but if you’re anything like me and you’re looking for whole food recipes that are absolutely delicious, don’t break the bank, are nutrient dense, and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes (or if you just want to know how I eat everyday because you’re stocking me… just kidding), then you may wanna check out my page. This is from a mama cook who “ain’t got time” for long hours in the kitchen like my grandmother used to do with her family of seven (bless her heart!). Nope! These recipes are for those who can follow the instructions on the back of the box and are pleasantly surprised when the taste of the dish comes out high quality even though it started from a place in your heart of little to no effort!

So there! There’s my kind of different. That’s my first official offering to the world. I call it Essential Recipes, and I hope it helps you like it’s helped me and my family! And if you come across any recipes you think would fit my strict mommy criteria, send them my way. I would love to feature them there!

Affiliate links alert! But I bet you knew that already! Thanks for your support. πŸ’–