Learning How to Sculpt a Whole New You


Health and wellness truly is a lifestyle, and there are many healthful practices we need to start incorporating in our daily lives to give us the results we desire! Exercise can’t get us there alone, but the more we combine exercise with periods of, detoxing (this includes emotionally as well), fasting, stress reduction, supplementation, and non-toxic living as much as possible, not only will we shed weight, but our true, whole self will be in a much better place. Let’s not continue thinking that if we focus on only one or two areas we’ll be fine. That was my reality for such a long time. It took its toll on my body and I am still correcting the ramifications of wrong thinking. It truly comes down to how you can give tender loving care and support to every facet of your body. So, I encourage you. As you think about the new you you want to be, consider the following:

  • Keep it movin! But don’t overdo it! Exercise ends up being HIGHLY over emphasized among most and that’s why a majority of people don’t stick with it. Don’t condemn yourself over it. The act of self-condemnation never brings health to you. My suggestion is to stick to what you love! Make exercise the funnest part of your day! How do you like to stay active? Swimming? Cycling? Jumping on a trampoline? Whatever your activity, strive to do it for 30 minutes at least 3 – 4 times a week! Don’t have time for that? Try combining two activities. Jumping on a trampoline while watching your favorite 30 minute sitcom, for example, is a great way to have the best of both worlds! Don’t make it complicated, just have fun!


  • Keep it flowing! You want to give your body less to hold onto, not more. Keep in mind that there are many body detox regimens out there (including emotional detoxes), so I encourage you to do your research to find which cleanse will be the most beneficial to you. Don’t get me wrong, all detoxes are beneficial to your body systems at some point, you just want to make sure you know your own body’s immediate needs first. I recommend collaborating up with a professional like a Nutritional Therapist, Naturopathic or Wellness Doctor, even a Healthcare Practitioner to assess where your body is so you can set up some focus areas for yourself. You will find that assessing your body’s individual needs first will help you much more than guess and check!


  • Keep it burnin! I have come to know that fasting is one of the healthiest things we can do for our bodies. We fast naturally every day, 8 hours when we’re asleep, and at varied times between meals. When our bodies are not busy processing the food that we ingest, it’s busy burning fat on our behalf. There are many types of fast regimens out there too. Make sure to do your research and collaborate a healthcare professional to find out which type of fast is right for you. A quick note to the ladies: since our bodies deal more with hormones, you’ll want to proceed with greater caution than men with fasting. Just be wise and be sure to listen to your body so that you don’t push yourself too far…


  • Keep Calm! Reducing stress is key for regaining your health. However, you may find yourself stressing out over trying to reduce the stress in your life! I suggest sticking to your preferences, and strive to be stress free with whichever stress reducing actives work for you. Including supplements in this arena will yield good results to help you maintain.


  • Keep Fuelin! Whatever supplement you choose make sure they are high quality products from a company you can trust. The more natural and non-toxic they are, the better benefit they will be to your body. You’re also going to want to keep a watchful eye on the sugar content of your supplements. Sugar is not only counterproductive to your weight loss goals, but it causes inflammation, which, in turn, leads you down a path straight below the wellness line. Oh and by the way, there are, the last I checked, over 61 names for sugar on product labels or more, so buyers beware!


  • Keep Clean! So here’s the thing. We all understand that the body processes what we eat via digestion. But the body also processes anything it comes in contact with even if we don’t eat it. The lotion we put on our skin, the air fresheners we use in our home, the soap we use, our deodorant, dish-washing detergent…. All these products are being absorbed through our skin. Therefore, if you’re really striving to shed some serious pounds, you can’t discount the stuff you don’t eat because once your body comes in contact with it, it’s either going to become a part of you by being stored in your fat cells somehow, or it’s going to exit you via the process of elimination. This is why having temporary detox regimens throughout the year is so important. But even more so than that, we want to make sure that we’re not destroying our chances of reaching our weight goals just because we didn’t take the time to remove toxins from our homes. If you’re interested in seeing how toxic your household products might be, download the Dirty app to start your research!

Y’all, this is what I do; this is my new normal! Knowing about these 6 wellness tips is only the tip of the ice burg of your health and wellness journey. It’s no wonder that the natural health and wellness revolution is taking the world by storm! Are you ready to join the movement? Join my tribe, and enjoy the benefits of meeting like-minded alternative health enthusiasts like yourself!

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